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Kids BYO Fry


Kids size portion of their favorite fries built anything they like. Can't decide, try one of our Signature Styles.

Try A Signature Style?:Prohibit This-Bourbon Spiked Yellow Queso, Hamburger, Tomatoes, Red and Green Peppers, Diced Onion, and a side of Sour Cream +$4Repeal Style-Mozzarella, Pepperoni, Sausage, Tomato, Garlic, and our Repeal Pizza Dip +$4The Bootlegger-Diced Chicken, Buffalo Sauce, Bleu Cheese Crumbles, and Yellow Queso. Served with a side of Ranch +$5Moonshiner-Creamy Mac N Cheese piled high and topped with Bacon, Onion Crispers and Chives. +$6The Blind Pig-Smoke Pulled Pork, Bourbon Spiked Yellow Queso, Jalapenos, Onion Crispers, and served with a side of BBQ Sauce. +$6The Real McCoy-Yellow and White Queso, Shredded Cheddar, Guacamole, Green Onions, Chives, Banana Peppers, Bacon, and Diced Chicken. Served with. a side of Sour Cream. +$7
Choose your fry:SIdewinder Frys +$1Waffle Fries Sweet Potato Fries +$1Hand Cut Fries +$1
Would you like to add Cheese?:Sliced Provolone +$1Shredded Cheddar +$1Yellow Queso +$1Parmesan Cheese +$0.50Yellow Bourbon Spiked Queso +$1.50Bleu Cheese Crumbles +$1Sliced Cheddar +$1Sliced Swiss +$1White Queso +$1Shredded Mozz +$1
Add a Protein?:Chicken +$2.50Bacon +$1.50Pepperoni +$1.50Hamburger +$2.50Sausage +$2Smoked Pulled Pork +$2.50Chili +$1.50Canadian Bacon +$2
Pile on some Veggies?:Mushroom +$0.50Pineapple +$0.50Banana Peppers +$0.50Man N Cheese +$1.50Sliced Onion +$0.50Black Olives +$0.50Chives +$0.50Diced Jalapenos +$0.50Diced Red Pepper +$0.50Artichoke +$0.50Diced Tomato +$0.50Fried Onion Crunchers +$0.50Lettuce +$0.50Sliced Tomato +$0.50Pickle +$0.50Diced Green Onions +$0.50
Would you like a Sauce?:Spicy Mustard +$0.50Poutine Gravy +$0.50Garlic Parm Seasoning +$0.50Buffalo Sauce +$0.50Cajun Ketchup +$0.50Ranch Dressing +$0.50Repeal Sauce +$0.50Sour Cream +$0.50Repeal Pizza Dip +$0.50Chipotle Ranch +$0.50Cajun Seasoning +$0.50BBQ Sauce +$0.50Mustard Mayo Poblano Avocado Fire Ranch +$1Chipotle Mayo +$0.50Ketchup