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North Kansas City

BYO Crispy Chicken Sandwich


Crispy Breaded Chicken Breast on a Brioche Bun, build it the way you like it or try one of our Signature Styles. Served A La Carte

Would you like to add Cheese?:Bleu Cheese Crumbles +$1Sliced Cheddar +$1Sliced Swiss +$1White Queso +$1Shredded Mozz +$1
Pile on some Veggies?:Mushroom +$0.50Pineapple +$0.50Banana Peppers +$0.50Man N Cheese +$1.50Sliced Onion +$0.50Black Olives +$0.50Chives +$0.50Diced Jalapenos +$0.50Diced Red Pepper +$0.50Artichoke +$0.50Diced Tomato +$0.50Fried Onion Crunchers +$0.50Lettuce +$0.50Sliced Tomato +$0.50Pickle +$0.50Diced Green Onions +$0.50
Would you like a Sauce?:Spicy Mustard +$0.50Buffalo Sauce +$0.50Ranch Dressing +$0.50Sour Cream +$0.50Cajun Seasoning +$0.50Mustard Mayo Poblano Avocado Fire Ranch +$1Ketchup BBQ Sauce +$0.50Teryaki Sauce +$0.50Asian Zing +$0.50Mango Habanero +$0.50
Add a Protein?:Bacon +$1.50Pepperoni +$1.50Smoked Pulled Pork +$2.50Chili +$1.50

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